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As cyberbullying and online harassment have gained traction over the last several years, federal and state laws have been introduced to help deter this behavior and punish it when appropriate. These are important changes in policy intended to decrease the negative impacts and the overall number of cyberbullying cases over time. Whether you know that an action is against the law or not, you are still held accountable for any unlawful behavior. Therefore, it is recommended to remain informed about local and federal laws to ensure that you and your child are not behaving in a way that is illegal without knowing it.

Keeping up with the latest legislation can be challenging and overwhelming, and that’s where Cyber Safeguard can help. The CS Newswire does all the work for you by sending news stories and policy changes related to cyberbullying or online harassment directly to your inbox. This annual or monthly subscription saves time and can help put your mind at ease so that you are informed of news and changes to the law as soon as they occur.

Product Details: (see overview video below)
– Track federal and state legislation in all 50 states and Washington DC, based on subscriber’s location
– Keep up with the latest news about cyberbullying and online harassment
– Sent in real-time when policy changes are made
– Includes changes to:

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