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The majority of students bring their phones or other devices to school and use them to communicate with parents and friends throughout the school day. As this has become a normal way to connect at school, some students will utilize phones or devices as a form of bullying. When this occurs at school, school events, or on school property, the resolution of the behavior often becomes a school responsibility. This is why Cyber Safeguard’s Cyberbullying & Online Harassment Education & Compliance Program was developed. Our goal is to ease the burden that schools carry and to help stop cyberbullying before it starts (See overview video below).

The Cyberbullying & Online Harassment Education & Compliance Program has four main components:

Newswire Alerts part of Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program

Newswire Alerts

Our newswire alerts provide schools with real-time email updates about news, trends, and legislation related to cyberbullying. With these automatic newsflashes, schools no longer need to spend time and effort to track the latest developments related to cyberbullying. These alerts will be based on the location of the school or district.

Product Details:
– Track federal and state legislation in all 50 states and Washington DC, based on subscriber’s location
– Keep up with the latest news about cyberbullying and online harassment
– Sent in real-time when policy changes are made
– Includes changes to:

  • Bills
  • Laws
  • Acts
  • Statutes
Take Action Guide part of Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program

Take Action Guide

Preferred access to our cyberbullying Take Action Guide – this is a customized and detailed action guide for those experiencing online harassment. Our 30-page guide outlines critical laws, social media and police contact information, suggested first steps, and much more to address cyberbullying situations. The information included in this guide is continuously updated by our staff and can be used by school administrators as they assist parents and students that have been harassed online or cyberbullied. Administrators can also give our Take Action Guide to parents and students to offer immediate advice regarding a case of cyberbullying. As a school subscriber, you receive 10 free Take Action Guide downloads and a 20% discount thereafter.

Product Details:
– Designed for an individual or parent of a child who is being impacted by cyberbullying
– Walks through what can be done to resolve the situation
– Lists important steps to take and where to start, such as:

  • How to respond to an emergency
  • How to talk to a child about the situation
  • At what point the school or others may need to be involved
  • List of mental health or medical professionals who may be able to help and how to find them
  • When it may be best to call the police
  • Steps to remove content or report someone from 75+ apps and chat forums
  • How to contact a mobile phone provider to retrieve transcripts of text messages or phone call logs
  • How to define goals, options, and desired outcome

– List of relevant state and federal laws based on location
– Defines various kinds of lawsuits and how to find the proper legal counsel for each
– Contact information for local police precincts and FBI field offices
– Personalized data references based on each specific situation– List of relevant state and federal laws based on location
– Includes the following resources:

  • Conversation Guide
  • Example Preservation Letter (request that data be preserved by a platform to potentially be used as evidence)
  • Tracking Your Progress Checklist
  • Communication Log
  • Evidence Log
Newsletter part of Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program

Semi-Annual E-Newsletter

Our customized, ready-to-send Newsletter enables school administrators to easily distribute information, news, and best practices related to cyberbullying to teachers, parents, and students. We compile all the necessary content surrounding cyberbullying and prepare a turnkey semi-annual newsletter so administrators don’t have to spend significant time researching and drafting up-to-date correspondence for the school community.

Product Details:
– Customized E-Newsletter content that is ready to send to parents, students, and faculty, which covers the topics of:

  • Cyberbullying 101
  • Latest Developments
  • Stories
  • Tips for Talking to Your Children
  • What Can You Do?
  • Updates in Your State
Guided Discussion/Teaching Manuals part of Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program

Guided Discussion and Teaching Manual

As an added bonus, we also provide schools and districts with engaging and age-appropriate in-class Guided Discussion materials to teach students about the trends and negative effects of cyberbullying. The Teaching Manual includes instructions, an overview of topics, answers to questions, and essentially everything someone needs to know in order to lead the program effectively.

Product Details:
– The discussion materials cover the basics of cyberbullying as well as:

  • Sample Learning Activities
  • Extensive Scenarios
  • Laws
  • Statistics
  • Video Content for Grades 6-12

The best way to address cyberbullying is to keep it from happening in the first place, which is why the need for cyberbullying prevention programs in schools has grown. This belief is what led to the development of the Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program, a turnkey set of resources that help schools address harmful online behavior.

Purchase the Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program at the district level or at the individual school level.

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