Implementation Guide

Now that you’ve purchased Cyber Safeguard’s Cyberbullying Education & Compliance Program, we’d like to walk you through the steps to implement each component. The purpose of these instructions is so that you can maximize the benefits of the Program for your school.

Semi-Annual Newsletters

You will receive one customized newsletter each semester formatted to be sent to parents and staff. Each newsletter will include frequently updated information relating to cyberbullying including trends and common methods, app and other social media/technology provider updates, key issues, news stories, and best practices.  We provide the newsletter in a webpage format so that you can include it in any email communication platform that you already use. Our goal is to ensure that you can easily incorporate the newsletter into your current process without additional effort on your end.

What needs to be done: Your admin will receive a link to the newsletter webpage and suggested introductory language from Cyber Safeguard. We recommend sending the link via email to parents and faculty as desired.

Newswire Alerts

As part of your annual subscription, you will also receive access to Newswire Alerts. You will receive real-time email alerts tracking federal and state laws, news, and updates regarding cyberbullying and online harassment (all based on your location). These updates are important as they may affect students, parents, and your district/school.

What needs to be done: Your admin’s email address will be added to the CS Newswire subscription at no additional charge. Please add to your safe sender list to ensure you receive all emails.

Take Action Guide

Included in your subscription is preferred access to the Take Action Guide. This personalized report outlines critical laws, social media and police contact information, suggested first steps, and more helpful details that may assist someone who needs help with a case of cyberbullying or online harassment. The Take Action Guide can be used by school administrators as they assist parents and students or give access to parents and students who may need immediate advice regarding a case of cyberbullying.

What needs to be done: Your admin will receive a code valid for 10 free Take Action Guide downloads and a discount code for any additional Take Action Guide purchases for the rest of the year. This code can be used by school administration on behalf of a student or distributed to parents who may access their Take Action Guide from home. Visit THIS LINK to begin the initial survey which gathers relevant information used to produce a customized Guide and use your code to bypass payment information or add a discount. The unique Take Action Guide will be emailed to the user.

Guided Discussion and Teaching Manuals

You will receive a password-protected link to your personalized Cyberbullying Education Program webpage with guided discussion questions in presentation format, teaching manuals for facilitators, age-appropriate resources that align with the guided discussion, and an optional video recommended for grades 6 and higher.

What needs to be done: We suggest sending the Cyberbullying Education Program link and password (included in your admin’s confirmation email) out to teachers or other staff who may be facilitating the Program with the following instructions:

The following link will take you to our current Cyberbullying Education Program webpage. On the webpage, you will see several links to age-appropriate materials in the menu at the top of the page. For each age group (Elementary, Middle, and High School), you will see guided discussion questions, a teaching manual, and an optional video recommended for grades 6 and higher. Read through the teaching manual and select the activities or worksheets for your guided discussion. On the day of leading the Program, walk your class or group through the guided discussion and utilize any activities, worksheets, or video that you like.


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